F-Theta Scan Lenses are developed for ultrafast lasers with short pulse width and high pulse energy laser applications. These lenses are made with low dispersion Fused Silica with optical design to avoid back reflection and ghost image.

Standard fused silica f-theta lenses are suitable for all high-power-laser applications like welding,cleaning, and structuring. Thermal lens, which occurs at high power laser applications and leads to afocal shift, is also minimized.

F-Theta Lenses  800nm

P/N EFL(mm) Scan Angle Scan Field (mm) Beam Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Working Distance (mm) Spot um(1/e^2) Diameter Screw thread or lens diameter
FL-800-70-110 110 25 70X70 10 58.0 138.5 18 12/16 M85X1
FL-800-112-167 167 25 112X112 10 50.6 196.5 32 12/16 M85X1
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